Day 6

I spent the day trying to relax. Sometimes I think I don’t even remember how to do that anymore but I made a damn good stab at it today: got my hair cut, always a fun experience. Then I went to sell books and shop for birthday gifts (and yeah maybe I found a “gift” or two for me too; so what?) Bought some rugs for my bathroom and came home to watch a movie and straighten the mess that comes with buying stuff.

Am I relaxed? Almost. Not a lot of just doing-nothing time in there though. Gotta work on that.

In one of the bookstores I went to, I was flipping through a writing book and came across a section on relaxing. On stopping and taking deliberate, deep breaths before sitting down to write. And I remembered that I’d wanted to stop each day at least once and take a few deep breaths and just, well… breathe. How often have I done that? Twice this year, maybe? Eek. So here’s my commitment (and it’s nice to be able to make the commitment before anyone knows this blog exists): I will work on my writing somehow every day, and I will stop to breathe at least once each day, which will help me achieve and sustain the aforementioned writing work. And maybe help me relax a little by degrees.

It’s late now and my day’s wound down to an end, but before I climb into bed with the lightweight romance I’m cleansing my palette and brain with, I’m going to try and take my first five pages a few paragraphs further. Wish me luck.


OK. I wrote 344 words. That sounds like such a little amount compared to some people but to me… well I’m quite happy with that number. Probably could add to it but it’s midnight so not a chance.

About thewritingblues

I'm a writer working on a YA dystopian novel and blogging on my progress - or lack thereof - and other cool writing stuff.
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