Day 64: Make friends with your library

I think I’ve gotten so used to shopping at bookstores, that I’ve forgotten how to tap my library’s collection. So today I went to the Downtown branch and found several books for research on Venice. It’s been occurring to me lately that Venice might be an excellent example of a functioning, half-underwater city for me to draw on for my book. (And that was reinforced this past weekend at the conference.)

Afterwards, I stopped by the teen section and talked with the librarian on duty. I told her there was a book I’d heard about all weekend – Anna Dressed in Blood – and she put it on hold then recommended a few more when I told her what I was writing. She went to grab the last title off the shelf and when she came back and handed it to me, I actually shrieked. Yeah. Embarrassing but there was definitely a shriek-like quality to my voice. But that was because the main character’s name is also Mara. (The book is called Exodus if you’re interested.)

I love synchronicities. Like coming home from a children’s writing and illustrating conference and finding the out-of-print writing book you ordered on Amazon Marketplace waiting for you in your mail box, two weeks earlier than expected. (It was Guide to Writing for Children by Jane Yolen, in case you were interested in that too…)

Having a librarian hand you a YA dystopian book wherein the main character has the same name as you (an uncommon name), when you’re writing a YA dystopian, is an awesome, awesome synchronicity and again hints that I’m heading in the right direction. Once I have new words to put down that is; today was for personal writing. Back to the MS tomorrow!


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I'm a writer working on a YA dystopian novel and blogging on my progress - or lack thereof - and other cool writing stuff.
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