Day 65: The timing of books

I forgot to eat lunch today (walked on my break instead), so of course I was starving by end of day. Solution? My fav pub for their fantastic happy hour (really good food for really good prices, and one of my favorite ciders; doesn’t get any better than that, even if it makes me sound like a commercial…)

While waiting for my food and to shift gears away from work, I flipped through my notes from the conference and found a note to myself  about the timing of books.

There are books I need to read, even want to read, but haven’t for one reason or another. Like The Handmaid’s Tale. I bought that two years ago for a class I was registered for in my last quarter of my Undergrad. After all my books arrived, I found out that the class was canceled for that quarter. I returned some and kept others, like The Handmaid’s Tale, but I couldn’t read it until now (I’m almost finished – got distracted by a few other books I’m simultaneously reading; check out my lists on Goodreads).

Reading The Handmaid’s Tale now… well let’s say it’s timely in a lot of ways, and not only for the influence I know it’s going to have my novel.

The coincidences really made me think about the timing of books in our lives. Sometimes someone will find out I haven’t read a book they think everyone has read, or I find out they haven’t read one I consider as necessary to read as breathing. There’s shock on each side when this happens. But I’ll tell you this: I think we read the books we need to read, when we need to read them. OK maybe not always – sometimes a book isn’t right and I have to put it back on the shelf; but those life-changing, earth-shaking books? Yeah, timing can be everything.

My word count for today: 94 words. It was another day for personal writing. Sometimes you need to purge your personal stuff before you can write. Or at least, I do. Hopefully more on the MS, and less of the personal tomorrow.

About thewritingblues

I'm a writer working on a YA dystopian novel and blogging on my progress - or lack thereof - and other cool writing stuff.
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