Day 73: Writing for children over tea

I knew I had an urge to write tonight but that I was tired and it might be an uphill battle. So I did what I should do more often: turned all the lights off except for my desk lamp, set my timer and settled in with a cup of tea.

(Chai Spice, decaf – I learned my lesson after I downed half a pot of flavored black tea at 9p on a Friday and was so jittery I had to go swimming to burn it off lol).

It’s almost a ritual, the turning down of the lights and the tea, but the lowered lights serve another purpose: they serve to dim the world around me so I can more clearly see the world I’m writing. It’s staying lighter later and I’m curious how I’m going to get around that when summer comes. Close the blinds? Write in the bathroom? We’ll see…

As I was sitting, I saw my Peter Rabbit pin. I participated in a kid lit chat on Twitter last night. The topic was something like why did you start writing (or illustrating) for kids? Looking down at that pin, that’s most of the reason: Peter Rabbit and all the other books that sucked me in as a child and stayed with me, making my childhood different from other kids who read other books and so had different experiences than I did. I write for the children in my life too, but that reason is a “now” reason, not a “why I started” reason. I started because I have always loved children’s books (including YA) and never grew out of that love.

Tonight’s scene came out of that and so the words flowed. Part of that flowing though was that I’m finally seeing the whole vision of what my book is, who my characters are, and how everything fits together.

Tonight’s word count: 1,010 words. Hooray! Sleep deep tonight, everyone.


About thewritingblues

I'm a writer working on a YA dystopian novel and blogging on my progress - or lack thereof - and other cool writing stuff.
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