Day 75: Falling asleep at the keys

Well I suppose I can finally say to myself that I’m committed to my writing given that I keep falling asleep at the keys tonight. So we’ll keep it short and I’ll just give you the word count from my little after-work break at the coffee shop: 419 words. The weekend’s pretty full so it’ll be hard to work on my writing but I’m hoping to pick up the pace on Monday. I really did like what Stephen King had to say about visiting with his characters. I feel like I need to write some scenes with my MC and some of her friends to get them back into play. And I really need to write one with her and her mother. That’ll be a challenge because I’m not quite sure what their relationship is, except to know that it’s troubled.

I don’t want to overthink it – this is only a first draft after all – so when I’m ready to go deeper, I’ll be referring to this article by Shelli Johnson. Here’s part of the reason why:

If you want to fully see whatever scene you happen to be in, you’ll have to slow down, way down. You’ll have to see in your mind’s eye everything that’s happening. If you want your readers to be in the story, to feel like they are a part of it, to make them remember it long after the book is closed, then you have to engage all their senses

Yes! Exactly that. Tonight’s scene didn’t touch that level of detail but I was able to slow down as I was writing two nights ago, although even then, because it was a first draft, it lacked the details I saw but forgot to write. But that’s what second drafts are for. And third, and fourth…

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