Day 84: Timed Writing (with excerpt)

I had a beautifully full day – brunch, Farmer’s Market, and iced lattes with a friend, calling my mother for Mother’s Day, reading, and doing chores (okay that was the less-than-beautiful part).

When it finally came time to write, I was worried that fatigue would do me in again.

So what did I do? I set the countdown timer app on my phone. I won’t tell you how long I set it for but I will tell you it worked: I wrote 2, 542 words today, more than making up for the days I couldn’t write this week. It wasn’t non-stop writing – I took brief breaks to get a glass of water, to rock in my chair while I thought, and to not check email when I saw that little envelope pop up on my phone. (The first time, that took a full minute of resistance.)

My writing was the better for those micro breaks because they gave me a breath between words to settle back in and see my scene a little more clearly and to feel my characters’ emotions, something I really needed to do in this scene. And the timer kept me grounded – you only have 56 more minutes, 33 more minutes, 12 more minutes… I wrote past the zero mark. A little.

So here’s an excerpt of what I wrote tonight:

I continued to croon one of the lullabies everyone knew and one that I thought my mother must’ve crooned to me when I was Varun’s age. He was getting harder to hold – almost at his one year – but I kept holding him, watching his eyes grow heavy and a smile stretch sleepily across his lips.

Finally he slept and I carried him to his baby bed, watched while he curled over onto his side, sucking hard on his thumb. I tucked his favorite stuffie – a blue puffy thing that I think was supposed to be a bear but since no one had seen one in hundreds of years, the form’d gotten a little rough.

“Good night, Vary,” I whispered, slipping out of his room. 

Passing through the living room, I called out to my mom, “He’s all yours.” I didn’t stop to wait for her response – wasn’t worried that she wouldn’t hear me over her show – the e-sitter’d kicked in as soon as I’d turned out the lights in his room. Handy. 

That’s all folks. I wanted to excerpt another part of what I’d written today but we’d definitely be going into spoiler territory with that one. Have a good night, all!

About thewritingblues

I'm a writer working on a YA dystopian novel and blogging on my progress - or lack thereof - and other cool writing stuff.
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