Day 99: A character revelation

The other night, I wrote about how I’ve been having a block on one of my characters. I started a timed writing session earlier today in Scrivener trying to write a scene with her and my MC (main character) together except that I couldn’t. So it was time to try another tact.

Out came the sketch book and the crayola markers and out came my daily writing notebook and another notepad that I decided I would use for character sketches.

Now I’ve already said that I’ve done some character sketches before – in Scrivener and in my notebook – but I decided I needed to do something more, so I started an indexed notebook of all my characters. It’s a little more physical than Scrivener but you can bet I’ll be inputting everything into there sooner or later so it’s all in one place and accessible.

Well between my sketchbook, my notebook, and my new character book, I’ve started to see through the block I had on my character. It’s possible, just possible, that she’s not alive in this book – that she died before the story began. Which could explain why I’m having such a hard time writing her. But I’m not sure yet so I need to continue mapping everyone out and start rewriting some scenes without this character in them.

It’s fascinating that sometimes you just don’t know what’s going on with your characters. It’s like they’re truly living (or not, in the case of this character) and you just have to figure out what they’re doing and why. Without pulling your hair out. Which would be a shame since my current hair dye is still mostly intact.

Alright good luck in your writing endeavors today, and good night!


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I'm a writer working on a YA dystopian novel and blogging on my progress - or lack thereof - and other cool writing stuff.
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4 Responses to Day 99: A character revelation

  1. Isn’t that funny how the characters just up and change the direction you originally had planned for them. Mine do it to me all the time. Frustrating. hehe Also, I’m not much of a cartoonist or artist, so I find pics on the internet of people and places that resemble my characters and locations, and create a vision board. This is right next to my computer. You are right. Seeing them makes it easier to see their personalities, quirks, wants, needs, and histories.

    BTW, I like the layout of your blog. Very newspaperish. Easy to read. :o)

  2. thewritingblues says:

    Yeah I’ve been doing a similar thing in Scrivener: saving pictures I found on the internet of my characters and of my city (which is harder given it’s in the future and half-flooded lol). Although I like the board idea too – it sounds like it keeps it more present than in Scrivener. Makes me wonder if I shouldn’t print out my pix to put in my character book.

    And thanks: I do like the easy-to-read quality of the layout, but I wish I could do something more – maybe a faint watermark picture or a border or something lol. Maybe when I learn CSS I can alter it a little.

    Thanks for reading!

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