Day 100: 15 minutes

I get so much out of Darcy Pattison’s posts. The one that got me this week is called 15 Minute Writing Tasks. In this one, she talks about how you can fit in other writing tasks when you only have 15 minutes at a time to work. Some examples: you can work on describing a setting; work on writing a part of a scene – the beginning, middle, or ending; or work on creating a list of names.

Tonight, I had a little more than 15 minutes to work on my novel, but I needed to do something besides write: I need to learn about Venice. I mentioned in some other post that I had a thought, strengthened by weird coincidences, that it might help to learn more about Venice to model my own city after her, at least a little bit.

So a few weeks ago – oh man, maybe a month ago – I took out a few books and a 2-DVD special on Venice out of the library. Did I ever look at them? Nope. Are they due back at the library (again)? Pretty much. So I finally put one of the DVDs in tonight and started watching.

I can’t say I fell in love – it is a documentary after all, meant to educate, not excite. Still, I started to get a feel for what it must be like to live in a city that sits on the water, balances on wooden pilings, and periodically floods. Now my buildings aren’t on wooden pilings but that’s a technicality compared to the rest of the effect I’m getting from seeing a moving Venice on the screen.

Didn’t get to finish the DVDs – will take another stab at them tomorrow before they’re due back Thursday morning. Okay, really, they’re due back tomorrow night but I’m sure I can renew them one more time… or get them back to the library before they open on Thursday. If not, well, it’s just another way I support my local library ;)

Tonight, I hope to dream of paddling along the Grand Canal. Tomorrow, I’ll see more. One day, maybe I’ll see it all in person.


About thewritingblues

I'm a writer working on a YA dystopian novel and blogging on my progress - or lack thereof - and other cool writing stuff.
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