Writing what you want

Write your story. That’s what they all say but it can be damn harder than it sounds.

And then sometimes you let go and just write the story that wants to be written, not the story you thought you were writing or the story you thought you should be writing.

When that happens, sometimes you find magic.

I’ve been fighting my story recently – my character block is a real block but there’s also a deeper issue. Actually I felt like something deeper was missing from the plot and from the characters.

In letting go of my story tonight, I may have found it.

It took me awhile to stop procrastinating and sit down to get the words down so–well I was just going to write that there aren’t many to report but then I started writing again so I got them to a respectable number: 403 words.

Write your story. Write your story, not what you think you should write. You can pretty it up later. Just write it now. I’m trying to. Good luck to you and good luck to me. And good luck to my main character who’s being followed as we speak. Did she really escape or does she only think she did? Stay tuned. I may tell you…


About thewritingblues

I'm a writer working on a YA dystopian novel and blogging on my progress - or lack thereof - and other cool writing stuff.
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4 Responses to Writing what you want

  1. katkasia says:

    Hear, hear! They say that the most interesting things happen when the characters start to take control of the story.
    I usually have a general direction in mind, but the twists and turns along the way are just what wants to happen at those moments.

  2. thewritingblues says:

    Yep, that’s how I work too. It’s when I fight going into a certain theme or genre that I run into trouble. Like I hadn’t intended to write a YA Dystopian and didn’t want to write it – but once I accepted that that’s where this story needs to live, things started going more smoothly. Same thing last night – this sub-genre has been sneaking in and I’ve been trying to toss it out but finally am just letting it come… :)
    Thanks! :)

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