Writing should be fun

Well writing should be fun! That’s what Ray Bradbury said, that’s what another writer recently said to me, that’s what–

Well you get the point. Writing should be fun. Somewhere in the last few weeks, writing my novel has become very un-fun for me and it was time I figured out why. I said two nights ago that it was time to step back and yeah that’s true but it’s also time I rediscovered the fun of it.

So. How’m I doing that? Well, I’m looking at goofy, interesting, fun, provoking, etc. stuff on the internet.

For example, this painting is done by Imps and Monsters (the artist is Justin Hillgrove); I LOVE this art – it’s alternatively cute, dark, touching, and fun and just what I need to reset my brain cells.

Another way I’m resetting myself is by reading other things – other genres, other interests, just other.

I’m also still replotting – things are coming clear about my story that weren’t a week ago. When I get to a good place with that, I’ll be ready to start putting down new words.

And I’m still doing research – I have two more books on Venice sitting next to me on my desk to comb through. One book I already returned, keeping a color photo copy of a side “street” (canal) with laundry strung over it. It’s giving me ideas of what my streets look like. I also scanned some pages to pdf to load into my Scrivener file instead of wasting the paper printing them out. Plenty to reference later.

What do you do to get yourself unstuck or to re-find the fun in your writing?

I’m still working on why I lost the fun – certainly real-life stress is a factor, but more, I realized I was getting mired in the darkness and the details, and was missing something elemental in my story and in my characters. What a joy to realize it’s still there for me to find…

Nite, all.


About thewritingblues

I'm a writer working on a YA dystopian novel and blogging on my progress - or lack thereof - and other cool writing stuff.
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