I see it now

So I mentioned that I’ve been dealing with bronchitis, and I still am, but I was finally able to put off taking more meds and finally get down words that have been scratching at my brain for days.

This past Monday, I met with four amazing women, all fantastic writers (and in some cases, writers and illustrators). I have to give them a huge thank you here, because between letting me talk out my plot a little and the input they gave me, the pieces of my character’s journey finally fell into place. I can see it now in a way I haven’t been able to since I started writing her story a year and a half ago.

Of course the problem is that the story I need to tell scares and intimidates the hell out of me – I just don’t know if my writing skills will be up to the challenge of telling it. The question that comes up – Will I be enough – will my writing be enough to tell the story? – is a scary one. There is a solution though: just write… And get as much help as I can!

One such bit of help (aside from their amazing input) came from one of Monday’s writers. She passed on an article called, “The Inner Struggle: Guides for Using Inner Conflict That Make Sense” by Janet Hardy.

[…] we all know our characters should grow, and often even know what that growth should be. Selfish to giving, shy to outgoing, distrustful to trusting. But taking that general growth theme and making it part of the story? Having it actually help drive the plot? That’s a lot harder, and it’s not always clear how we should approach it.

That’s it, I think. That’s part of what I’ve been struggling with. What is the catalyst for my character’s growth, and what will be her growth? I’ve got it now, I do, but getting it to be engaging and make sense to the story – that’s going to be super-hard. Fortunately the article gives tons of ideas on how to tease the journey apart and make it work. I’m bookmarking it to revisit after I get more down of the story that is finally solidifying in my head.

On that note, happily, I got a good chunk written tonight – 1,100 words – and it’s a scene that takes me to the beginning of my MC’s (main character’s) emotional journey in the story. That’s huge. As my reward, I will take more cough syrup and go to bed early.

May you get your reward for hitting your writing goals tonight. Good night, all!

About thewritingblues

I'm a writer working on a YA dystopian novel and blogging on my progress - or lack thereof - and other cool writing stuff.
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2 Responses to I see it now

  1. Deb Marshall says:

    As always…you give me great food for thought. Way to go on the wordage, man! And, haven’t forgotten about the meme…still thinking on/narrowing down the big five, lol!

  2. thewritingblues says:

    Thanks, Deb, and thanks for reading as always :)

    Hey don’t worry – it seriously took me almost exactly a month to narrow down my list. And I still left ones out lol. It’s fun thinking about it though, isn’t it? :)

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