A writing blues reblog: Day 60: Meeting your characters

For tonight’s post, I’m revisiting a post I wrote back in April. Hope you enjoy! Last night’s word count was 611, tonight’s is 222. I can live with that.
Good night, all!

the writing blues

So how do you write strong characters? Characters that make the reader feel like they know the character, even if they’ve never met anyone even remotely like them in their lives? You get to know them, that’s how. Yes, I mean you. You get to know them. You get to know not only their appearance, their voice, who their family and friends are, what they do, what their favorite color is, etc., etc., etc., but you also get to know why their favorite color is teal, how they got that tiny scar on their left cheekbone (and of course you have to know first that they have a scar on their left cheekbone first). You have to know everything. You probably won’t even use half of it if you’ve done a good job, but it’ll show in your writing and that person will come to life in little ways that…

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I'm a writer working on a YA dystopian novel and blogging on my progress - or lack thereof - and other cool writing stuff.
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