How much work are you willing to do?

I’ve only written a little over 50,000 words of my MS (manuscript). Well that’s not quite true since I culled out over 7,000 words some months ago, but a little over 50,000 words is what’s left.

To some people, that’s sounds like a lot – I know because they’ve said so, with a wide-eyed look that’s quite flattering. I suppose it goes without saying that these are usually non-writers. Or very, very green writers.

To others, myself included, the number is good – it shows I’m committed, but it doesn’t show success. Not yet. To me, I still have around 40,000 words to hit my target and I have no idea where those words will come from. Then I will have a first draft.

When I finish my second draft, I’ll breathe a little easier.

When I finish my third draft without putting it in a bonfire, I’ll celebrate a little.

When I first submit it to agents (after many, many more drafts, I’m sure), I’ll be excited and terrified.

When I get my first rejection, I’ll cry.

When I get my second, I’ll rage.

When I get my third, I’ll be resigned, and start shoving them on a nail in my wall, as Stephen King is famously said to have done.

When I get an agent (after many, many more rejections, I’m sure), I’ll jump up and down and celebrate for three days and night straight.

When my MS gets submitted to its first publishing house, I’ll be excited and terrified.

When it first gets rejected, I’ll laugh hysterically.

When it finally gets accepted by an editor, I’ll smile.

When I complete all the editor’s edits, I’ll sigh.

When it finally gets published, I’ll blink and not give a damn.

Okay that’s not true. I suspect if this novel ever gets published, I’ll celebrate for a whole year. After all, this from the girl who believes in a birthmonth rather than a birthday

I’m happy to have hit the 50,000-word mark. I really am. But not as much as I might’ve been if I hadn’t known all that’s still to come – ignorance being bliss and all that. Still, probably better to know ahead of time so I can find the humor in it now and prepare myself. Otherwise, I might find myself wanting to give up. Oh who’m I kidding? I’ll want to give up anyway, but the idea of having my book out there, being enjoyed by others someday? That’ll make it all worth it.

About thewritingblues

I'm a writer working on a YA dystopian novel and blogging on my progress - or lack thereof - and other cool writing stuff.
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