Dreams for inspiration?

I hate being sick, I really do. Especially when the sick is a combo of actual sick (recurring bronchitis? man, I hope not!) and stress. I hate being sick because when I’m sick enough to call out from work, I’m usually too sick to do more than sleep, so any extras I might get from being home during a weekday – like oh I don’t know, writing – don’t happen.

The one benefit I do get from sleeping most of the day is that I dream. A lot.

Now you should know that I generally have unusually detailed and vivid dreams. I used to try to write them down to either glean what my brain’s trying to work out, or to get story ideas, but because they’re so vivid, it would take me somewhere around an hour to get the dream down and since I’m really, really not a morning person, that just wasn’t working.

When I’m sick, perhaps because I sleep longer, my dreams take on another, deeper dimension and I dream about fantastical creatures, like starfish that are as large as a yacht, spreading out to cover the glass  tunnel of the aquarium I’m in (even in a dream that’s pretty frightening) or I dream that I can fly using a special board that for some reason doesn’t scare me to practice on but scares everyone else or… well you get the idea. Strange, but interesting dreams.

And you’d think they’d be great fodder for stories, wouldn’t you. Still working on that part. They certainly won’t work in my current novel, but maybe they’ll work in something else. Either way, I’ve found that dreams like that are dangerous: sometimes they’re far more interesting than real life and it becomes hard to tear myself out of them. After all, wouldn’t you rather meet Sasquatch and discover he’s basically a very friendly Wookie, than go to work in the morning?

So. My question to you is, how much do your dreams influence your writing? Clearly mine, not so much. Yet. I need to harness Ray Bradbury for that I think. But maybe you’re one of those writers who dreams of their characters (lucky you) and dreams solutions to plot holes (not sure I could talk to you if you’re one of those).  I’d be interested to hear where you fall on this.

Well that’s enough from me: off to dreamland I go. (Which proves I’m still sick if after all the sleep I had today, I need more. *sigh*) Nite, all!

About thewritingblues

I'm a writer working on a YA dystopian novel and blogging on my progress - or lack thereof - and other cool writing stuff.
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