So how’s your writing going?

First off, I’d like to thank everyone for hanging around even though I’ve been kind of quiet here. My class is almost finished so that will take some pressure off, and I’m hoping to get some medical stuff squared away. Both things have been draining of me of creativity.

So how’s your writing going? Mine’s not, so I figured I’d check in and see how you guys are doing. Are you participating in NaNoWriMo? Or maybe you’re doing PiBoIdMo like I am. Or maybe you just don’t need the pressure of any challenge and are going it on your own. Hopefully you’re kicking *ss whatever you’re doing.

I guess it’s kind of a lie when I said my writing’s not happening, because I am participating in PiBoIdMo. I missed one day – fell asleep on the couch and that was that – but I came up with two ideas the next day and I feel okay with that. And I’ve already come up with today’s idea.

Here’s the book I’ve been writing my ideas in. I have a few writing books that I swap out and this is one I started in 2009 and periodically come back to. It felt right to write my ideas in here… And the cover, and the texture of my drawing pen against the rough pages is inspiring in its own way.

It’s been an interesting experience. I love picture books (PBs) – I collect them even – but writing them is a whole lot harder than reading them. What I’m finding is that some of my picture book ideas are more suited to be middle grade books than picture books. We’ll see. For now, I’m finding the exercise helpful – I’m starting to go deeper into more fanciful PB ideas – and grounding, as I find myself unable to actually write anything more than a few sentences of an idea or a very rough draft of a PB. Nice to have proof that my creativity isn’t dead. It’s just hibernating.

I’ve talked about liminal times before – those between-times; between awakeness and sleep, between writing and daydreaming, etc. My YA novel is still there; it comes back during my liminal times and I suddenly get an insight into what the whole book looks like but then I fall asleep or come out of my semi-stupor and forget. Yeah I know, I know: write it down. Easier said than done. But I’ll keep trying. I think my book is there, finished, I just need to pry it out of my head and onto my screen. In the meantime, I’m enjoying coming up with ideas to fuel my picture book times. And when my class is over, I intend to finally finish that PB I had such great revelations over last month. Until then….

Happy writing, everyone!


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I'm a writer working on a YA dystopian novel and blogging on my progress - or lack thereof - and other cool writing stuff.
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2 Responses to So how’s your writing going?

  1. I have been stuck in the in-between before. Not very comfortable. But know thwt when you have the time and energy, your writing will still be there for you!
    I am participating in NaNo and have had some major setbacks but am managing to spew the words out. I think this is my problem… Spewing. I need to slow down and focus on each scene as though I am right there with my characters instead of just spewing back the facts. I need to connect wtih the settings ad much as the characters!
    Be well!!

  2. thewritingblues says:

    Thanks, Cheryl!

    But for your part, don’t they say you SHOULD spew? That the important thing is just to get the words down and then you can clean it up later? But I know what you mean; I sometimes feel that if I don’t have the groundwork of the scene down before I start typing, it’ll be wasted or unfixable later….

    Good luck to both of us! :)

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